Monday, August 10, 2009

The Big Questions and Where We're Going with this ....

This blog will be a little tablet in space for dreaming and allowing the imagination and intuition to tap into currents and streams of symbols, insights, images and words that come from somewhere just a little before or beyond the ordinary levels of mind and feeling, perhaps in some measure from a deep and hidden well where the waters of Space ever flow, gently and peacefully, forever unfolding and nourishing the spirit in us all.

Here I'll explore and share my take on metaphysics and the many aspects of what we'll call idealistic philosophy. So whether you're naturally drawn to a similar investigation of life and way of understanding the world, or just curious about such topics, please (always in a respectful and civil way) join in the fray and add your two cents when so moved.

My hope is we'll learn something meaningful and useful together. Something that not only supports our deeper convictions, but most importantly something that adds to our peace of mind and enjoyment of life in practical ways each and every day.

Overtime we'll explore a considerable diversity of topics. We'll cover the "perennial philosophy", myths, comparative religion, eastern and western mysticism and world views, astrology and astrotheology, and various spiritual principles and practices that when applied in daily life quickly justify the initial leap of faith required.

This approach won't be for everyone, but for those so drawn welcome aboard.

There certainly have been some very wise people who lived prior to our arrival on the planet. There are inevitably a few enlightened souls in every generation, even this present one where general conditions are perhaps more dire than any time in the current collective memory.

Now perhaps more than ever humankind seems to stand on a precipice with the very survival of the species possibly hanging in the balance.

There is a lot of good in the collective consciousness, and in the end I think we will muddle through, figuring out a way to increase our understanding, lesson our intolerance, appreciate or respect our differences, and ultimately mitigate the seemingly intractable inharmonies manifest over the range of life, from vexatious family disputes; to political and corporate corruption and greed; to regional, even international grievances, disputes and wars.

I believe that the wisdom traditions that on some level forever exist will play a significant role in our individual and collective salvation, in what sees us through (the next 10-15 years especially).

When rightly understood the perennial esoteric teachings can guide us to an inner experience of a harmonizing element, a silent and sacred presence that is not only our individual essence but brings us in touch with that level of life that ties all life together.

This presence in us all when consciously experienced can allow the diversity of cultures, religions, beliefs and traditions to co-exist in relative harmony and understanding. Let all so inclined seek the release (through the teachings sacred to them) of this soul light that is the great illuminator the world so desperately needs.

The wise in all cycles of time have shared incredibly penetrating insights into reality, nature and how to live with greater harmony, purpose and serenity amidst the endless pressures, challenges, opportunities, and competitive attitudes and relationships that comprise ordinary human life on this planet.

As indicated I will be giving over time a kind of distillation of my understanding of these insights and teachings. Please also pass on through comments your own.

I am also writing a book entitled "The Eternal Wisdom Teachings". I will make draft chapters available in some format in the near future.

Let's see where this adventure leads.

If our motives are pure, our intent innocent and sincere .... I have no doubt the affection we have for that great power at the source of life, for all beings in heaven and earth, and our sincere dedication to pursuing and ultimately becoming Truth itself will inevitably lead us to greater peace of mind, and a nobler and more fulfilling way of living and being.

A life based on a greater measure of loving, giving, sharing, and cooperating, and a more harmonious participation in the adventure of creation and the eternal quest for liberation and ultimate meaning.

Why not have the audacity to pursue it!

We'll jump into an introduction to The Divine Plan in the next post.